We get many questions regarding THE SANTA EXPRESS!
--- please look below to see if your question has already been answered before e-mailing your questions to us at [conductor@capemayseashorelines.org]

Q.What is different between the cafe car, lounge car, and coach car?
A. The best way to do this is to explain each car type ...

COACH CAR: two-two aisle seating (two seats on either side of the aisle, generally arranged to face the direction of travel). Seats can be reversed, however, to face each other to accommodate group seating;

CAFE CAR: four-two table and chair aisle seating (four table seats on one side of the aisle, and two table seats on the other side of the aisle);

LOUNGE CAR: upholstered lounge chair and lounge sofa seating.

Q. Are refreshments served?
A. For customers purchasing a Cafe Car or Lounge Car ticket; light refreshments, consisting of a snack and a beverage, will be served.

Q. Can we bring food on the train?
A. We ask that you not bring food or beverages on to the coach cars to preserve the integrity of the historic equipment.

Additionally, while we serve a small snack and soft drink/juice to all passengers who purchased cafe or lounge car tickets they may also bring along their own modest hors d'oeuvres and refreshment if they choose. Please email [conductor@capemayseashorelines.org] if you have any additional questions regarding what may or may not be brought on board the train.

Q. Does Santa walk through the train or do the children go to Santa?
A. Santa walks through the train and spends time with each child.
However, AFTER Christmas, on The WINTER Express!, Santa will be home resting and does not appear on those trains. Santa is on board every train prior to Christmas.

Q. What about photos with Santa?
A. For your convenience, a professional photographer will be on board select SANTA EXPRESS trains to capture your special moments with Santa Claus!
* Photographer availability is subject to change without notice.
* Please bring your camera! Photos with Santa on the train will make for some really cherished memories.
* Share your photos from THE SANTA EXPRESS! [click here]

Q. Are there restroom facilities on the train?
A. No. There are facilities located at each train station.

Q. Is there time to get off the train before the return trip?
A. Before the return trip, there is a brief layover at each station. You are welcome to remain on board the train, or detrain to explore and take photographs. We do ask that you return on same train.

Q. Is the train heated?

A. Yes.

Q. Can strollers be brought on the train?
A. Yes, but they will be stowed by the conductor upon boarding the train.